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Chief financial officer


De Avril 2006 à Aujourd'hui

Integration in the private subsidiary of Inserm of the activities of valorisation and transfer of technology, creation of the three major functions of the company: Finance /HR / IT

• Finance creation of the function: Implementation of the integrated management system (ERP for SMEs), management of activities (projects), links with the accounting software package, links to the property management system License monitoring (600 in portfolio ) And R & D contracts (600 per year)
Establishment of full cost accounting by business unit.

• HR: Implementation of the HR policy (Objectives / Review and performance evaluation tool) ... Management and implementation of dematerialized solutions to streamline the management of personnel through the use of a subtracter.

• IT: Willingness to harmonize the IT its effectiveness and safety and interoperability by managing many IT projects

Parcours officiels

PwC – Paris - Guersant – 1989